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Up-and-Coming Food Manufacturers Propel Innovation with Almonds


With rising consumer interest in products tailored to personal health interests and lifestyles, up-and-coming food manufacturers are using almond ingredients to improve sensory experiences, experiment with new flavors, unlock new alternative to dairy options and reform the market landscape. Experts at ABC keep our eyes on the horizon for the next industry breakthroughs, including:

  • Keto-friendly snacks formulated with almonds to solve alternative ingredient needs. Developing keto-friendly foods is no small task for product developers who must find alternatives for many traditional ingredients. Almond flour, a light and wholesome alternative to other flours, is playing a key role in formulating for the ketogenic diet and can be found in a range of keto-friendly products, from cheesecake snacks to crackers and tortillas.
  • Functional snacks showcasing the health benefits of almonds. Consumers are increasingly seeking products that target individual physical and mental wellness concerns, and manufacturers are turning to almonds as an ingredient with great function and taste. Almonds are a key ingredient in products optimized for gut health, pregnancy, menopause, and more.

Where there’s innovation, there’s almonds! On behalf of the over 7,600 growers in California, The Almond Board of California’s (ABC) goal is to support manufacturers of all sizes and scales of distribution innovate with almonds across categories.

Click here to learn more about how almond ingredients can support innovative product development. 

Almonds in Action

Exciting and bold flavors present another opportunity to push the envelope on product development. To amplify experiences for consumers, manufacturers are considering product expansions with new and global flavors. Due to their appealing and neutral taste, almond ingredients offer endless potential for flavor pairings.

Almond Orange Horchata

In this recipe, almond milk and blanched almonds create a creamy base, enhancing the sweet flavors of horchata, with the bonus of zesty orange, too!

Za’atar Almond Flour Crackers

These crackers take gluten-free snack recipes a step further with the incorporation of za’atar, a traditional Middle Eastern spice mixture that combines herbs, sesame seeds, sumac and salt.

From the Orchard

ABC’s program to support pollinators makes it to Instagram! Kate Houser Peters highlights that California almond farmers “plant thousands of acres of seeds for pollinator habitats months in advance to build a thriving ecosystem for bees and other pollinators, providing them with a diverse diet, in addition to the nutritious pollen and nectar they get from the almond trees.” More than 170,000 acres of almond farms are Bee-Friendly certified through the Pollinator Partnership, meaning farmers are actively protecting pollinator populations by implementing positive, incremental changes on-farm.

Click here to learn more about ABC’s commitment to pollinator health.

Craving More Crunch?

If you’ll be attending IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo in Chicago, IL from July 16-19, ABC wants to hear from you!

For questions about new almond ingredient solutions, nutrition research, formulations with almond ingredients, or sustainable production practices, we can connect with you one of our experts. Please reach out to to schedule a 1:1 meeting.

ABC will also be showcasing innovative almond recipes, including a forward-thinking almond snack product developed by Drexel Food Lab students. Stop by our booth (#S1111) to pick up a sample!