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Almond Board Committees

More than 150 active almond industry members volunteer on board-appointed committees, subcommittees and working groups to further the work of Almond Board of California (ABC). Getting involved in the California Almond industry is a great way to ensure almonds remain an essential crop in California and are demanded by consumers around the world. The Board is always on the lookout for new volunteers and accepts applications throughout the year; the committees are seated in August. Committee descriptions and Statement of Interest Forms are hyperlinked below.

The Board seeks to ensure that its programs and policies are inclusive and would like to enhance the diversity of its volunteers. We encouraged eligible women, minorities and people with disabilities to consider applying to participate. Growers, handlers, huller/shellers and any allied industry members along the supply chain or affiliated with the almond industry are encouraged to get involved.

The following board-appointed committees further the work of the Almond Board

The committee and workgroup descriptions below provide an overview on the opportunities to serve and shape future research and programs.

Almond Quality, and Food Safety and Services Committee

Mission Statement:To ensure the quality and safety of California Almonds, through science, research, industry wide education.

The Almond Quality, Food Safety and Services Committee considers and recommends to the Board rules and regulations pertaining to the federal marketing order. This committee also provides oversight for other marketing order services and educational activities which are necessary to maintain the high quality standards and safety of the California almond industry. This committee consists of seven members. In addition, this committee oversees an Industry Services Subcommittee and a Biomass Task Force.

Statement of Interest Form

Organic Advisory Panel

Mission Statement:To address issues impacting organic almond production, trade, and consumer awareness.

The mission of the Organic Advisory Panel is to address issues impacting organic almond production, trade and consumer awareness. This panel will direct staff on areas of focus including research, marketing, national and local organic initiatives, and other areas.

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Finance and Audit Committee

Mission Statement: The Almond Board of California (ABC) Finance and Audit Committee’s (F&AC) mission is to ensure the financial integrity of ABC and act as fiduciary guardian of grower funds collected for the purpose of executing the organization’s annual programs and budgets. F&AC is comprised of five members and five alternates. The ABC Treasurer is the committee chair.

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Global Communications Committee

Mission Statement: Fosters, supports, and steers strategy for industry and external communications about California almonds, the almond industry, and the Almond Board of California (ABC) in support of driving global demand.

The Global Communications Committee guides and informs strategy for industry and external communications about California almonds, the almond industry and the Almond Board of California. The committee will provide stakeholders and consumers with information about the almond industry and its practices, anticipate and provide counsel on various issues and potential crises, and disseminate industry-funded research findings to a variety of audiences. This group also engages members of the almond community by creating programs and events that motivate industry members to become more efficient in and out of the orchard.

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Global Market Development Committee

Mission Statement: To deliver the Almond board of California’s #1 strategic objective, Driving Global Demand, the mission of the Global Market Development committee is to guide the marketing investments of ABC with a strategic lens. This includes utilizing consumer market research, in-market results, and macro-economic trends to align on markets to prioritize for investment, address key issues/opportunities in each market (across marketing, trade stewardship and market access) and approve the strategies and key tactics to execute upon. The GMDC strives to make decisions for short-, mid- and long-term that will lead to the optimal long-term outcome for the entire industry.

The Global Market Development Committee evaluates growth opportunities available to the almond industry and makes recommendations to the Board. These recommendations include a worldwide market research and market development program for each crop year. The committee also administers government-funded marketing and research programs and may also recommend to the Board changes in the marketing order rules and regulations, granting credit to handlers for qualified promotional activities. These credits are granted based on the proportion of assessment credit determined to be granted for each type of promotional activity.

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Nutrition Research Committee

Mission Statement: Guide ABC's nutrition research investments to advance the science on the impact of almond consumption on human health and enhance ABC's ability to communicate almond's health benefits globally. 

The Nutrition Research Committee focuses on ongoing nutrition research which adds to the existing body of almond science and is utilized by the Board in global marketing outreach programs to promote the consumption of almonds. Current strategic research areas focus on the relationship between consumption of almonds and heart health, diabetes/prediabetes, weight management, gut health, cognition, skin health, exercise recovery and other areas. This committee is comprised of seven members and three alternates, consisting of food scientists, nutritionists, almond growers and other almond industry representatives.

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Strategic Ag Innovation Committee

Mission Statement: This committee focuses on how almonds are grown, providing strategic direction on research to provide information and tools that will improve industry efficiency. This spans not only on-farm practices but also post-harvest, regulatory and market implications around almond production. The committee is supported by workgroups with specific technical expertise. The committee guides a broad-based research program, addressing agricultural and environmental challenges, that will ultimately ensure the long-term sustainability and profitability of almond growing, meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders globally.

The Strategic Ag Innovation Committee is the “strategic forward thinker” for the almond industry and is supported by specialty-area research working groups. This committee shall consider and recommend projects that maintain the almond industry’s leadership role as a “Crop of Choice” for California, and which reflect the overall production and environmental research needs of the almond industry. This committee consists of ten members and oversees the six specialty-area research working groups listed below. All of the working groups review research proposals and make funding recommendations to the Strategic Ag Innovation Committee.

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Production Stewardship Workgroup

Mission Statement: Support and identify innovative production research and technology to support Almond Board’s vision and mission to make life better by what we grow, how we grow, and accelerate adoption of industry best practices.

Our Production Stewardship Workgroup identifies innovative production research and technology to support Almond Board’s vision and mission to make life better by what we grow, how we grow, and accelerate adoption of industry best practices. Areas of research and extension that this group advise include orchard configuration, tree growth, breeding, pest management, irrigation, nutrient management, soils, harvest, precision ag. technology, environmental sustainability, and others.

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Pollination and Bee Health Working Group

Mission Statement: Guide research that ensures a safe and positive habitat for pollinators in almonds, including a sufficient and affordable supply of honey bees for almond pollination and a positive reputation of almonds and pollinators.

The Pollination and Bee Health Working Group prioritizes issues for ABC attention and response related to honey bee health. The goal of this group is to provide a safe, nutritional environment for pollinators in almond orchards, ensuring a sufficient and affordable supply of honey bees for almond pollination and reducing reliance on honey bees in the long term.

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Biomass Workgroup

Mission Statement: To maximize value added utilization for all orchard products, other than the edible nut, which are financially viable and environmentally friendly.

The Biomass Workgroup aims to maximize value-added utilization for all orchard products, other than the edible nut, which are financially viable and environmentally friendly. Among other responsibilities, this group will review research proposals and RFP's; make funding recommendations for research projects and analytical testing for almond woody and fleshy biomass. 

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Technical & Regulatory Affairs Committee

Mission Statement: Provide support and leadership in identifying, monitoring, and resolving those regulatory and/or market access issues impacting the production and unimpeded global trade of California almonds.

The Technical & Regulatory Affairs Committee provides support to and cooperates with almond industry stakeholders and other Almond Board committees, focusing on those issues that impact the production and worldwide marketing of California Almonds. This synergy will enable greater integration and contribute to the overall success of the industry.

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