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Water & Irrigation

California’s limited water supply is a reality for almond growers and agriculture as a whole. To help growers best manage their water resources, the Almond Board of California is heavily investing in resources to help growers conserve water while optimizing production and tree health, as well as the protection of ground- and surface-water from potential runoff or leaching of grower inputs.
The Irrigation Improvement Continuum

A downloadable manual about irrigation management developed from over 40 years of research.

“The Irrigation Station” Video Series

We bring the Irrigation Improvement Continuum to life with our monthly YouTube web series.

The Irrigation Calculator

A tool for scheduling irrigation for members of the California Almond Stewardship Platform (CASP).

Introduction to Groundwater Recharge

In areas where soil conditions are suitable and excess water is available, groundwater recharge represents one of the most cost-effective methods to increase storage, thereby ensuring water supply and improving water quality.

Water Supply and Quality

Info on your water’s origins, it’s salinity levels, how to protect it, and how to prevent runoff.

Additional Irrigation Research in Grower Tools

Get PDFs and one-sheets on a wide variety of topics for perfecting your irrigation management system.